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As we continue into 2021, more information will be outlined on this page to support this year’s election candidates.

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General information

Information shared on this page will evolve in the coming weeks. Frequently asked questions pertaining to candidates will be shared on the FAQ page. (Note: election pages are currently under development). The Government of Alberta has ‘A candidate’s guide: running for municipal office in Alberta’ which can be found on their website.


Nomination papers are available at the Leduc Civic Centre (1 Alexandra Park, Leduc) and must be submitted to Leduc’s returning officer between Jan. 4 and Sept. 20, 2021 at noon. Papers may be submitted in-person by appointment only, contacting or call 780-980-7132.

Nomination fees can be paid by debit card, credit card, cash, money order or certified cheque:

  • $100 for mayor
  • $50 for councillor

Should any candidate wish to withdraw their nomination papers, they can do so at any time during the nomination period or within 24 hours after the close of nominations on nomination day, Sept. 20, 2021.

Candidate registry

View the candidate registry.

Candidate qualification

All candidates running in Leduc’s 2021 local election must be an eligible voter:

  • 18 years of age and older
  • Canadian citizen
  • Leduc resident for six months before nomination day (Sept. 20, 2021)
  • Leduc resident on election day

Campaign finances

All candidates should read the Local Authorities Election Act for complete details pertaining to any updates to the act, such as finances. Notable changes to the LAEA include:

  • Individual contribution amount increased. A person can contribute $5,000 per candidate during the election year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2021). A person can contribute to as many candidates as they like
  • Self-fund amount increased to up to $10,000 per year
  • Contribution limit outside the campaign period increased where a person can accept up to $5,000 per year outside the campaign period in a non-election year
  • Filing of disclosure statement is required by all candidates, whether self-funded or those that withdraw
  • File a review engagement with disclosure statement. If more than $50,000 is received or spent, a chartered accountant must review the financial statements before submission to the municipality or school board
  • Campaign surpluses are no longer held in trust and candidates may retain any surplus amount under $1,000. Any amount over $1,000 must be donated to a registered charity.  Local jurisdictions will no longer hold campaign surpluses.

Receipts: during the campaign period, candidates must issue receipts for every contribution. These receipts must include:

  • Date of contribution
  • Name of individual contributor
  • Address of individual contributor
  • Amount contributed

Other recommendations include:

  • Obtain receipts for every expense
  • Open a campaign account at a financial institution when contributions exceed $1,000
  • When a campaign account is opened, place all contributions into the account
  • Use money for payment of campaign expenses only
  • Do not accept contributions from people outside of Alberta
  • Do not accept contributions from corporations and unincorporated organizations
  • Do not accept contributions from trade unions and employee organizations
  • Do not work with third parties to avoid contribution or expense limits

Important dates

For more information on other key dates relating to this year’s municipal election, please click HERE.

After the election – all candidates are required to follow these rules:

  • Keep records of contributions and expenses for three years after the disclosure statement deadline
  • File a campaign disclosure statement by March 1 after the election
  • If you have expenses or contributions of $50,000 or more, file a review engagement with the disclosure statement
  • Within 60 days of filing a disclosure statement, candidates can retain surplus amounts under $1,000. Amounts of $1,000 and more must be donated to a registered charity
  • Eliminate campaign deficits 60 days after filing a disclosure statement
  • File an amended disclosure statement within 30 days after the 60-day period showing any surplus or deficit has been dealt with according to LAEA requirements

Note: Information shared on this website is as a courtesy to candidates and for ease of reference. All candidates are encouraged to review the Local Authorities Election Act for more information.

During a campaign

Leduc’s returning officer is the official voice for the 2021 local election and will answer any questions from the general public and media regarding the voting process.

What you should know:

  • Candidates are not required to notify the returning officer of their campaign activities or provide copies of campaign receipts
  • Complaints regarding campaign financial activities should be directed to the Alberta Election Commissioner
  • Complaints related to campaigning actions, i.e. signage, should be directed to Leduc’s returning officer at or call 780-980-7132
  • Canvassing/campaigning during COVID-19 – the Government of Alberta has developed a PDF resource. As this document is subject to change and will be updated as needed, please refer to the following page for the most up-to-date information:
  • Ballot images are not permitted as part of a candidate’s campaign material or advertising
  • Voting stations are off limits for campaigning and campaign materials
  • Election signs is governed in the City of Leduc through its Land-use Bylaw
  • Campaign worker information is the responsibility of candidates to provide the required identification to all their workers and official campaign agents
  • Official campaign agents are appointed by candidates when they submit their nomination papers. Candidates aren’t required to appoint an official agent. Official agents must be an eligible voter
  • Scrutineers may be appointed by candidates to observe voting processes on advance vote and on election day. They must be 18 or older and not be a person who was convicted of an offense under the Local Authorities Election Act or the Canada Elections Act in the last 10 years.


Please stay tuned to this website as information will be shared in the coming months.

Forms, policies and legislation

Nomination forms and other information for municipal election:

Information for school board trustee election:

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