Beaumont and Leduc forge partnership in fire

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

An agreement between Beaumont and Leduc’s Fire Services to call upon one another for back up will enhance the safety and protection of residents in both cities.

The two Fire Services signed a Mutual Aid Agreement that came into effect in March, allowing each city to request fire assistance from the other when needed.

”The Beaumont and Leduc Fire Services are natural partners, with similar on-scene language, procedures and organizational structures, as well as a strong commitment to community service and professionalism,” said Everett Cooke, Director of Protective Services and Fire Chief for the City of Beaumont. “This agreement is a great example of how regional partners can work together for the benefit of our communities’ residents and I hope we can continue to build on our relationship in the future.”

“I echo Chief Cooke’s sentiments with this new agreement as it strongly aligns with our service commitment as a collaborative and forward-thinking leader in the Leduc region,” says George Clancy, City of Leduc Fire Chief and director of Emergency Management. “By adopting this regional approach, we’re both able to provide a seamless fire and emergency medical response service to a fast-growing region that is fiscally prudent in the eyes of our citizens.”

Under the agreement, Leduc and Beaumont can request access to extra personal and equipment from one another when dealing with larger incidents, or when resources are stretched thin. The agreement includes protocols for calling upon assistance, command and control on scene, as well as how costs are determined when resources are requested.


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