Caring is in Leduc’s DNA: Mayor Bob Young

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Businesses and citizens will experience a number of new provincial regulations over the next month that dictate how some businesses are able to operate while other community facilities will need to temporarily close their doors, starting this Sunday.

“Caring is in Leduc’s DNA, and always has been,” says Mayor Bob Young. “There’s no greater time than now to exercise kindness, patience and understanding for our neighbours, frontline workers or the next person we see in a line-up waiting to access an essential service. We’re all going through this together, at varying degrees, so we need to do everything we can to demonstrate a little compassion.”

Following last night’s announcement work immediately began with Leduc City Council and senior administration to explore all options to enhance community supports through our local not-profits for Leduc’s vulnerable sector, the business community, and service continuity for civic operations. Citizens can call, email, participate virtually and in-person at the Leduc Civic Centre, Leduc Protective Services and Operations Building.

The province outlined a number of mandatory measures affecting places of worship, workplace environments, retail and dining establishments, along with restricting indoor and outdoor gatherings. For a complete list of the new temporary measures, visit the province’s website at

“We know these additional actions are meant to relieve the mounting pressures on the health care system so that those who need important medical care will continue to receive it,” says Young. “However, we must also not neglect other vital aspects of our society, such as our vulnerable sectors and business community, primarily small businesses.”

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Mariann Tobin, Corporate Communications Officer