Policing Priorities

In 2018, the Leduc RCMP with its partners, the City of Leduc and Leduc County, held a community survey asking citizens to identify community policing priorities and here is what they heard:

  1. Crime reduction (property, drug, offender management)
    - Major property education
    - Bait device
    - Hot spots
  2. Illegal substance abuse (alcohol and drug related)
    - Community and school presentations
    - Covert drug operations
    - MITU (Municipal Integrated Traffic Unit) and Watch checkstops
  3. Employee wellness
    - Ensure RCMP members take wellness and annual leave days
    - Employee recognition
    - Employee satisfaction survey

Since then, the focus has been on:

  • Increasing impaired driving check stops
  • Increasing their presence in location schools and at community events
  • Implementing the DARE program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) in local schools
  • Increasing their participation with the Leduc Community Drug Action Committee
  • Implementing a number of crime prevention initiatives, such as
    • Bait Car
    • Anti-auto theft program with the Leduc Blackgold Citizens on Patrol (Leduc Nighthawks)
    • Anti-theft license plate information campaign
    • Prolific Offender Program, which is when officers proactively check on repeat offenders to ensure they are complying with court-ordered conditions
    • Warrant Round-up, which is when officers actively seek local individuals on warrants for arrest
    • Hot spot policing checks

A community survey was recently conducted in the region and more information will be posted in the near future.

Contact Information

  • Emergencies call 9-1-1
  • Non emergencies call 780-980-RCMP (7267)
  • Administration line 780-980-7200