In Leduc, there's a wide range of housing to fit a variety of incomes, tastes, styles and preferences. Whether you're renting or buying, you're sure to find your perfect home in Leduc.

Market Housing (Renting or Buying)

For information on market housing, please contact one of our local realtors, home builders or property managers.

Looking to rent in Leduc?

Visit one of these helpful links to find available properties:

Non-market Housing (Attainable Housing)

Non-market housing is typically referred to as attainable housing. Attainable housing provides some level of financial and, in some cases, social support to the homeowner or tenant. The range of support varies depending on the needs of the client.

Leduc Regional Housing Foundation, a non-profit housing organization, provides attainable housing to seniors, couples, singles, families and persons with disabilities.

Our Attainable Housing Committee advises City Council on local attainable housing matters, implementing the strategies outlined in our Attainable Housing Strategy

For information regarding attainable housing in Leduc, please contact Leduc Regional Housing Foundation.

Actions on Affordable Housing

The City has undertaken several initiatives to increase the supply and access to affordable housing in Leduc.