Heraldic Emblem

heraldic emblem.JPGArms: the Coat of Arms was adopted by the City of Leduc in October 2004. Each portion of the Coat of Arms has been chosen to represent a different part of the City’s legacy. The gold symbolizes the wealth from grain and the black drops are a traditional heraldic method of representing oil: a pillar of our local, provincial and national economy.

Crest: The coronet (crown) links it with the shield. The hawk was one of several creatures chosen to represent the natural heritage of the area. It also symbolizes acuity of sight as Council and citizens look forward to the future.

Motto: Integritas Unitas Firmitas means 'Integrity, Unity, Strength' in Latin and was chosen to represent Leduc's character and aspirations.

Supporters: The deer represent the city's natural heritage. The compartment refers to the grain fields surrounding the City, which remain an important part of the economy. The water represents Telford Lake, a centrepiece for Leduc's recreational activities. The wild rose emphasizes Leduc's status as an Alberta community.