Grass Cutting

The Parks and Open Spaces department is responsible for 326 Ha of greenspace in the city’s parks, sports fields, boulevards, roadside ditches and natural areas. Maintenance of these areas requires more than 40 seasonal staff working seven days a week to provide services such as landscaping, grass cutting and weed control.


Weather permitting, crew members work on the following maintenance schedule:

  • Parks: 10-day mow cycle
  • Sports fields: mowed twice a week
  • Boulevards (city maintained only): 10-day mow cycle
  • Ditches: rough cutter twice a year

Crews are also responsible for a number of other annual maintenance efforts, including:

  • Fertilization: selected areas once a year
  • Aeration: selected areas once a year
  • Trimming: in conjunction with 10-day mow cycle
  • Weed control: spot control as required for invasive and noxious weeds; high profile areas only

Priority areas

High use areas are given priority and trimmed once a week, weather permitting. These areas include:

  • Civic Centre
  • Protective Services building
  • Operations building
  • Telford House
  • Stone Barn and Cultural Village
  • Dr. Woods House Museum

Natural areas

Natural areas are park spaces that are not maintained except in the event of potential hazards. Cultural controls are used in these areas for any invasive and noxious weeds or pests.

Boulevard & adjacent land

According to Community Standards Bylaw No. 711-2008, Leduc residents are responsible for maintaining any boulevard adjacent to the land they own or occupy by:

  • Keeping any grass on the boulevard cut to a length of no more than 10 centimetres;
  • Removing any accumulation of fallen leaves or other debris; and
  • Notifying the city if tree maintenance is required.

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