Commercial Taxation & Assessment

The City of Leduc's Tax & Assessment department can help you learn about property tax & assessment. You'll also find information on how to pay, including signing up for a Tax Installment Payment Plan.

Tax and Assessment notices are mailed during the month of May. The tax year runs from January 1 to December 31, and the tax bill is due half way through the year on June 30.

Non-Residential Property Tax Deferral Program 

For inquiries, please contact the City of Leduc's Finance department by emailing or calling 780-980-7105.
For more information on property taxes, please see our FAQ

Tax Rates

Property Taxation is the process of calculating a tax by multiplying the assessment by a tax rate. Tax rates are calculated based on the amount of tax revenue that is required to pay for the services that are provided. The formula to calculate your taxes is as follows:

Property Assessment x Mill Rate

If your property assessment is $280,000, and the Mill Rate is 8.695, your taxes would be:

$280,000 x 8.695 = $2,434.60 per year

Tax Calculator

To estimate your upcoming property taxes, the City of Leduc now has an online Tax Calculator