Cross Connection Installation Rebate

About the rebate

The City is offering a 50 per cent rebate on the estimated device installation cost to property owners who were previously identified as requiring the installation of a backflow prevention device. 

Property owners who require a device installation and qualify for the rebate have been directly notified by the City. 

  • This rebate applies only to the estimated cost of the device installation, and does note apply to costs associated with submitting test reports
  • This rebate is available only to businesses that were inspected in 2017 and found not to have a cross connection device because it was not a requirement when the building was built or the use of the water supply in the building has changed.
  • Any new building or change in business resulting in the need for backflow prevention since 2017, should have had this device installed as part of the plumbing code requirement. 

Please note: If you are not notified about this rebate directly in a letter from the City, you are not eligible to receive this rebate. 

Device Installation

BSI Online will contact customers directly with more information on the program and the process to schedule an inspection and/or bring your property into compliance. If you require assistance setting up your BSI Online account, please contact Wendy Olderskog at 604-245-6766 or

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Apply for the rebate

The letter eligible property owners received from the City outlines the exact amount for which you are eligible to be reimbursed. 

Device installation must be completed in order to receive the rebate. To apply, please provide the following to or #1 Alexandra Park, Leduc AB, T9E 4C4: 

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