Cart Content & Preparation

Organic Cart Inspections

Green carts are manually inspected on an ongoing basis by City staff and the collection contractor (GFL). During inspections, contaminated green carts will not be collected and residents will be informed of the specific issue with an information tag left on the cart. Please ensure your green cart contains acceptable items only. Download the Recycle Coach app, or call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 with any questions. Learn more here. 

Waste Cart & Waste Material

Waste is defined as any household items that aren't organic or can't be recycled.

All waste must be put in a bag and placed in your black waste cart. Your cart will not be collected or emptied if there is loose waste.

  • Items like glass that can't currently be recycled are considered to be waste and should go in your waste cart.
  • Use your waste cart for all sanitary products, wipes and diapers. Flush smarter. Sort it. Don't clog it!
  • Glass drinking containers (pop, juice, beer bottles) can be returned to the Leduc Bottle Depot for a refund.

Do you routinely have more waste than can fit in your cart? Rent an extra waste cart for $13.12/month for a minimum period of 6 months. Certain terms of service are in place for residents arranging for a second waste cart. Call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 for details.

These materials go in the black waste cart for proper and safe disposal:

Air filters Cookie bags (coated paper) Garden hose Pillows
Air fresheners (countertop/car) Cereal box liners Gift wrap (metallic) Plastic bottle caps
Anti-static sheets Clothes Juice bottles (glass) Ribbons/bows
Baby food jars (glass) Clay flower pots Laminated paper products Rope
Bakeware Cleaning wipes Leather Rubber bands
Band-aids Cutlery Light bulbs (standard) Styrofoam
Bottle caps Coat hangers (metal/wire) Lids (plastic/metal) Soiled wipes
Bubblewrap Dry cleaner bags Microwave dishes Static cling dryer sheets
Broken glass Dishes/pots Mirrors Toothbrushes
Candles Diapers Nails/screws/nuts/bolts Twine
Cassette tapes Egg cartons Needles (in safe container) Wine cork (plastic)
Cellophane Foil wrappers Pencils Wood pieces (small)
Ceramics/dishes Floor sweepings Plastic Wrapping paper
Cigarette butts Foam Plastic bags Ziploc bags

These materials DO NOT go in the black waste cart:

  • Clean recyclables
  • Organics
  • E-waste
  • Hazardous household waste

Organics (compost) Cart & Organic Material

Organics – all food and yard waste, and many items made from natural materials (compost).

Sorting your organics material into your green cart will help our community achieve the 65% waste diversion target. 

Extra organics carts are available for $8.73/month for a minimum period of 6 months. Call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 for details.



These materials go in the green organic cart for proper and safe disposal:

Ashes (cooled) Corn cobs Grass clippings Pizza/soiled boxes
Bakery goods Dairy products Grease (kitchen) Popcorn/bags (paper)
Beef & scraps Dead animals (small) Gum Popsicle sticks
Bones Dead plants/flowers Hair Pork & scraps
Bread Dirt (small amt.) Kabob skewers (wood) Pumpkins
Cheese Dirty paper Kitchen scraps Rice
Chicken & scraps Dog waste (compostable bag) Leaves Sauces/spreads
Candy Dryer lint Meat/bones Sawdust/wood chips
Cardboard (soiled) Eggs/shells Oil (used cooking/cooled) Seafood/shells
Cat litter Facial tissue (soiled) Oily/fatty foods Seeds/nuts
Cat waste (compostable bag) Feathers Paper (shredded) Shredded paper
Cereal Fish & parts Paper bags String (cotton)
Coffee filters/grounds Flour/grains/dough Paper products (soiled) Tea bags
Cooking oil (cooled) Fruit/peelings Pasta  
Cotton balls (clean) Garden waste Peanut shells  

These materials DO NOT go in the organics cart:

  • Clean recylables
  • Waste
  • E-waste
  • Hazardous household waste
  • Plastic bags, including thin grocery produce bags (only paper bags and 100% compostable bags are accepted in the organics cart)

To bag or not to bag?


It is best to place your organics loose in the cart. The only exception is pet waste, which must be bagged in an approved 100% compostable bag. Approved bags are marked by the manufacturer with both the U.S. and Canadian compostable logos and can be found at most retailers in Leduc:

Canadian Tire Dollarama Giant Tiger Rona
Peavy Mart Safeway Co-op Val-mart
Shoppers Drug Mart No Frills Costco  Walmart

Don't know what material goes into which cart?

 >> Check out the Recycle Coach app or the A-Z Sort Smart Database!

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Organics Cart

Preparing your green organics cart for pickup is easy and will ensure all material can be emptied on collection day.

  • Keep the cart lid closed.
  • Line the cart with 100% compostable bags, paper towels or newspaper so material doesn’t stick to the bottom.
  • Wrap material in newspaper or use approved compostable bags.
  • Alternate layers of ‘brown’ material (leaves, shredded paper, cardboard, sawdust) and ‘green’ material (meat, dairy, garden waste).
  • Store your organics cart out of the direct sun in a cool, well-ventilated area year-round.
  • Put your cart out for collection on scheduled collection days even if it is not full.
  • Sprinkle the rim of your cart with a small amount of baking soda, vinegar, salt or garden lime.
  • Place a briquette in the bottom of your cart.
  • Keep food scraps frozen until your scheduled collection day.
  • Rinse the cart weekly or every second week with a water/vinegar mix or a diluted bleach solution.