Cart Placement & Storage

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When carts are placed properly for pickup, the city’s automated collection system makes curbside service efficient and cost-effective.

Curbside collection uses different trucks for each type of material. Collection starts at 7am on collection day but trucks will pick up the 2 carts and the blue bags at different times throughout the day. Collection will be complete by 7pm.

Cart Placement

Front street collection

  • Place carts on the street either in front of the sidewalk or in front of your driveway. The wheels must be touching the edge of the gutter with the cart facing forward, away from your home.
  • Place the carts 1m apart from each other, the blue bags and parked vehicles.
  • Place your blue bags on the boulevard or street 1m outside or behind (not between) the carts.
  • Keep vehicles 1m away from the carts and blue bags on collection day.
  • Ensure branches, fences, and utility lines are 1m away from, or above, the carts.

Back lane collection

Place your carts at the edge of the lane on the driveway or parking pad with blue bags 1m away from the carts. As with front street collection, keep 1m clear on all sides of the carts, and above them.

Cart Storage

Leduc residents are proud of their clean, green and attractive community and of the impressive results we’ve achieved in diverting many tonnes of material from the landfill.

  • Carts must be removed from the curb within 24 hours of collection.
  • Find a storage location where carts are easy to access throughout the week when you have material to put in them and also on collection day.
  • Cart storage must be accessible 12 months of the year so you can still easily pull the carts to the curb (or the lane) and back in the winter.
  • Ensure your storage area is level so your carts won’t tip over.
  • Your storage location should be a reasonable distance from the public sidewalk to minimize the view of carts from the street.
  • To save space, consider storing one cart in front of the other.

If you’re facing challenges finding enough curb space for your carts and blue bags:

  • Place carts and blue bags on the street at the end of your driveway. It is illegal for other vehicles to park across your driveway so that space is available to you.
  • Place blue bags behind your carts (at least 1m away).
  • Try asking your neighbour to leave you more curb space on collection days.

Special Placement Circumstances

The city may be able to work out special collection arrangements for circumstances such as those living in tight cul-de-sacs with very little curb space. Angle parking in cul-de-sacs is not allowed without formal permission from the city, for example, but exceptions may be made if circumstances warrant it. Call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 for more information.

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