Sorting Your Waste

Sorting your waste is simple using the resources the city has provided. On collection day, set out the carts according to the collection calendar for your neighbourhood.

Questions on where to sort your materials? The new, free, Recycle Coach app gives residents even easier ways to sort smarter. Download it today from the Apple app store or the Google Playstore or scan the QR code below:


You can also use Recycle Coach Online, our A-Z Sort Smart Database or contact the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 or by email at

  • Black Waste Cart - any household items that aren’t organic or can’t be recycled
  • Green Organics Cart – all food and yard waste, shredded paper, soiled cardboard (e.g., pizza boxes) and many items made from natural materials (compost)
  • Recyclables - Rigid plastic containers, aluminum and tin cans, paper products, flattened cardboard and non-glass beverage containers


Sorting Resources for Kids