Planning and Economic Development

Planning and Economic Development is responsible for:

  • Long-range planning
  • Current planning
  • Development approval
  • Building approval
  • Discipline permits
  • Building and inspection services
  • Public hearings before city council

The department acts in accordance with city bylaws, policies, procedures and regulations and relevant provisions of the Municipal Government Act of Alberta and the Safety Codes Act.

For a complete list of policies that pertain to planning and development in the City of Leduc, please visit the City Clerk.

Annual Monitoring Report

These reports are intended to highlight key growth and development trends in the City of Leduc on a year-to-year basis to be used by the organization, development and building industry, and the public; Jan. 1 to Dec. 31st of each year. 

2021 Annual Monitoring Report
2020 Annual Monitoring Report
2019 Annual Monitoring Report

Construction Activity Statistic Reports

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September 2022 October 2022 November 2022 December 2022
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May 2021 June 2021 July 2021 August 2021
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January 2020 February 2020 March 2020 April 2020
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2016 Report 2017 Report 2018 Report 2019 Report


Long-range Planning

The Long Range Planning branch is responsible for monitoring demographic and growth trends both locally and regionally. The branch prepares, updates and amends planning documents and policies to guide development toward our desired future.

Current Planning

The Current Planning branch is responsible for approving development permits, issuing letters respecting compliance, processing subdivision applications, area structure plans, Land-use Bylaw amendments, and land use changes, and enforcing the city's Land Use Bylaw. The branch manages land use in the city and ensures that building and renovation design meets the high quality standards expected in Leduc.

Building and Inspection Services

The City of Leduc's Building and Inspections Services help ensure that all residential, commercial and industrial and institutional properties are constructed to meet or exceed the Alberta Building Code and related regulations.

Community Developer Map

The Community Developer Map provides contact information for new and upcoming communities and subdivisions within Leduc. The map also indicates such items as zoning districts, schools, and points of interest to help show a few of the amenities in the city. The airport exposure forecast contour lines are also identified. These lines establish the prohibited land uses within these different noise exposure factor areas.


>> Downtown Revitalization >> Residential Building Permit >> Public Hearings
>> Subdivision Info >> Commercial Building Permit >> Fees & Charges Bylaw
>> Subdivision Application >> Fire Safety Plan >> Request for Compliance
>> Sign Permit >> Saunders Lake >> Airport Vicinity Protection Area
>> Fencing