Plans & Studies

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

For the city to continue to provide reliable sanitary service and to meet wastewater servicing demands, they initiated a Sanitary Servicing Study to identify existing capacity constraints and develop servicing strategies to meet future sanitary servicing needs of the city.

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a long-term plan for the city’s transportation network. The TMP is a critical plan in making wise investment choices in our transportation infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, trails, transit and goods movement, as these decisions will shape the future mobility of our city. The TMP is scheduled to be updated every seven years. The next update occurring in 2023 and anticipated to be completed in 2024.  Learn more about the TMP update and how you can be involved. 

Water Master Plan

The City of Leduc has experienced significant population growth in recent years. Analysis of the water system will assess the effect growth has had on the existing infrastructure, as well as identify and plan for new and future infrastructure.

Highway 2A Realignment

In 2010 ISL was retained by the City to develop conceptual alignment alternatives for the realignment of Highway 2A that respected the previously proposed interchange location, limited intrusions in to the Southfork development, respected the active well site within the County, and provided connections to the City’s roads, while maintaining the design and functionality requirements outlined by Alberta Transportation. View the Highway 2A Function Planning Study (43MB) here.

Range Roads 245 & 250 Functional Planning Study

Range Roads 245 and 250, and the connecting section of Township Road 500, are presently gravel roads that form the east boundary between Leduc County and the City of Leduc. The purpose of the Range Roads 245 and 250 Functional Planning Study is to provide the County/City with a long-range plan to assist in construction programming and right-of-way protection, and to assist developers with land-use planning.

65th Avenue Planning Study

The purpose of the 65th Avenue Planning Study is to identify the ultimate requirements for the future Queen Elizabeth (QEII) and interchange within the City of Leduc. The study will analyse the existing conditions and traffic operations within the general study area, which ranges from approximately 800 metres south of the Hwy 2A interchange to approximately 800 metres north of Airport Road along the QEII.

The study will also review the results of previous studies and generate options for a short-term strategy to provide for a 65th Avenue connection to the QEII.

Downtown Master Plan (DMP)

The Downtown Master Plan (DMP) is a comprehensive long range plan for revitalizing Downtown Leduc. It addresses key economic, environmental, and social issues for a comprehensive approach for revitalizing our city’s Downtown over time. Since approval in 2012, the city has been leading and collaborating on a number of Downtown Master Plan implementation projects.

Parks, Open Spaces and Trails Master Plan (POST)

The City of Leduc’s Parks, Open Spaces and Trails (POST) Master Plan provides a foundation for the development and management of the city’s parks and multiway. These services and the experiences they provide are essential to Leduc’s quality of life. Ensuring they continue to align with community needs is an important part of providing high-quality recreational opportunities well into Leduc’s future.