Environmental Plan

Environmental Plan Update 

In 2012, the City of Leduc adopted its first Environmental Plan, with the purpose of guiding 10 years of environmental stewardship by outlining key visions, principles, and actions. We’ve had great success in meeting the action items outlined in the original Environmental Plan – 80% of action items have been accomplished, and 15% more are underway! 

Now, we are updating the Environmental Plan to reflect the next 10 years of environmental priorities, to maintain and build upon the momentum that we’ve achieved in environmental leadership and sustainability. 

What has Leduc been focusing on over the last 10 years under the Environmental Plan’s direction?  

The Plan outlined 45 environmental action items. Some examples of completed action items can be found in the infographic below.  

2023-09-06 Engagement Content Graphics - Environmental Achievements2.png 

Engagement Opportunities:  

Engagement is the key element to develop the Environmental Plan and ensure the updates reflect the community’s needs, priorities, and collective goals. Feedback was collected in Sept. 2023, a What We Heard Report will be shared Winter 2023. 


Summer 2023 - Background & Update Initiation: Environmental Baseline report was developed to understand the current conditions, current governmental standards, and evaluate most up-to-date environmental practices. 

Fall 2023 - Community Engagement: A survey will be available to the public to provide input on the community’s environmental priorities for the Environmental Plan update. Installations will be implemented in public spaces to raise awareness and collect feedback on the Plan update. 

Winter 2023 - Spring 2024 - Draft Environmental Plan: Environmental baseline data and community feedback will be utilized to direct the updated priorities outlined in the updated Environmental Plan. 

Well done, Leduc! 

It’s important to know what’s been done to help us know where to go next. Scroll down to explore the achievements our City has made in the past 10 years to help spark new ideas about how we can continue to contribute to a healthier community. 


Following the implementation of a curbside recycling and organics program, the City achieved 51% landfill waste diversion in 2022, and a whopping 12,391 users accessed the Recycle Coach App last year alone!   

Let’s not forget about our award-winning Eco Station! This site which offers residents, schools and businesses from Leduc, Leduc County and Beaumont an easy-to-utilize location designed to divert a range of materials from landfill, won the 2020 Collection Site Award of Excellence in the large category from the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA).    

Water Conservation   

We’ve made great progress in water conservation, with ongoing monitoring and reporting, additional resources for homeowners – including the Annual Green Gold event where you can access eco-friendly products including rain barrels, water timers, and watering systems – and regular infrastructure maintenance on catch basins!  

While conservation efforts are incredibly important, wetlands are also key to protecting water quality, stabilizing banks, preventing erosion and drought, and controlling floods. With 100% funding support from the Alberta Environment and Parks Wetland Replacement Program, the City has restored almost 0.8 hectares of wetland surrounding Telford Lake.   


We are proud members of the Alberta Capital Airshed Alliance, and in 2022, we participated in an air quality monitoring pilot project.   

We also want to thank you for your efforts to switch to more environmentally-friendly transportation – Leduc Transit has seen a 187% increase in ridership since 2021!  


Through studies like the Environmentally Significant Areas Study completed in 2017, we’re taking a review of the state of our environment so we can better protect habitats vital for local flora and fauna to thrive. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers like you, we’ve also added to this review. We’ve planted over 4,000 new trees since 2018 as part of our annual Community Tree Planting and Garden Pollinator Events, with a government grant funding the planting of an additional 12,275 trees this year!   

You may already be making use of our Multiway Trail System, and as of spring 2022, we have over 84 km of scenic multi-use trails – whether you’re travelling via feet or wheels (or paws!) the Multiway is for you.  

For those interested in bringing nature even more close-to-home, the rewarding Backyard Hens and Bees Program, an extension to the City’s Backyard Gardening Program, may be just the ticket.  

Light & Noise 

Chemicals aren’t the only pollutants that have environmental impacts – did you know that disruptive light and noise are considered pollutants as well? In an effort to reduce the affects of light and noise pollution, the City has converted all streetlights to LED, and maintains noise (DB) standards and monitoring requirements for new developments.   

Energy & Climate Change 

Making the change to renewable energy has a big impact! The solar arrays the City installed on municipal buildings have the potential to create an annual operational savings of $37,000 (as of 2022), and swapping gas-powered park maintenance of tools for electric ones has already resulted in a 2-tonne reduction of greenhouse gas emissions per year.   

Leduc is also the fourth municipality in Alberta to develop a Clean Energy Improvement Program. In its first year (2022) of a four-year pilot, the people of Leduc embraced CEIP initiatives, installing solar panels, upgrading to more energy-efficient doors, windows, and insulation, and replacing old water heaters with tankless systems. Hooray! 


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