Monthly utility billing change

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Beginning on your October 31st billing date and November 30th billing date, the City of Leduc will move all utility bill customers onto a monthly billing schedule. Account holders will receive an insert in an upcoming utility bill outlining when their account will convert to monthly billing. 
We heard from businesses and homeowners that they would prefer the City switch from our current bi-monthly billing cycle to a monthly billing cycle because it allows account holders to: 

Better understand their utility bill 
Monitor their usage more easily 
Budget more effectively 

Account holders who are already enrolled in automatic withdrawals do not have to make any adjustments. 

If you would like to enroll for automatic withdrawals, please register using the following link: 

Utility invoice.png

A: Pictured above are main areas of your utility bill: 

  1. In this section you will find the service address, your account number*, your billing period (month(s) of consumption you are being charged for), and the payment due date of the utility bill. 

* Please note that your account number is specific to your address, if you move within the City of Leduc, you will receive a new account number for your new address. 

  1. This section provides information on your prior amounts charged, any adjustments and late fees that were applied to your account as well as a breakdown of your new charges split between the different utility services.  

  1. This section of the bill provides contact information for City staff should you have any questions relating to your utility account or bill.  

  1. This section provides you with your meter number (this number should be the same as what is on the physical water meter in your utility room), your current water read and when it was provided as well as the amount of water used in the billing period.  
    A historical graph comparing the prior year to the current year is also provided as well as an average daily utility cost.  

  1. This section details the payment due, the payment deadline and the amount of the payment should you miss the payment deadline. 


Monthly Billing FAQs 

  • Utility bills are due on the last business day of each month and can be paid at the Civic Centre, via cheque (mailed/dropped off), through your online banking, or through your Virtual City Hall account 

  • Setting up a utility account can be completed in-person at the Civic Centre or property owners can call 780-980-7177.  

  • Residential rental applications can sign-up here, and commercial rental applications can sign-up here 

  • To move or cancel your utility services, visit the Civic Centre, call 780-980-7177, or email 

  • Account holders can set up pre-authorized payments which will automatically deduct the full amount of your utility bill each month directly from your bank account on the last business day of the month. Enroll in pre-authorized payments here