Prepare your business for construction

Traffic impacts from construction can be challenging for local businesses. Consider the following tips on how to prepare your business if construction affects you.

Organize Early 

  • Get to know and understand the construction project that will be impacting you and its timeline. 
  • Review your staffing needs and inventory.
  • Consider securing a line of credit or ways to alleviate cash flow.   

Stay informed with the project 

  • Attend public engagement meetings or information sessions. 
  • Collect the project manager’s information.  
  • Voice the unique needs of your business. 
  • Learn more about project resources

Help customers find you 

  • Gather customer contact info before construction begins. This way you can inform them of route changes or keep them in loop about construction.  
  • Provide signs to guide customers to your business. 
  • Share updates and information to your customers about how to navigate the construction to your location. 

Develop a plan 

  • Join local business organizations to have a network to share ideas and concerns. 
  • Check in with your employees. 
  • Provide directions and access information to employees and consider ways to reduce congestion to allow better access for customers (e.g. carpooling).  
  • Have an advertising plan ready to go.  

End of construction 

  • Consider working with other businesses on a special event
  • Share on social media about the completion of the project. 
  • Ask customers to help spread the word

What to expect when construction begins  

  • Positive interactions can encourage contractors to be customers themselves and help your customers access your business. 
  • Be mindful of additional dust and noise. 
  • Make sure signage is clear and able to direct you customers to parking spaces and alternative entrances. 

Other ideas 

  • Deliver products to your customer – implementing delivery services to reach customers who are unable to visit or avoiding the area. 
  • Consistent messaging – Make sure all your employees know what to say when asked for directions or updates about the construction. 
  • Stay informed – Follow along the City’s construction update page and social media accounts to receive up-to-date information. 
  • Extend business hours – Consider opening later into the evening after construction crews are finished for the day.  
  • Make the construction work for you – If you are waiting for an opportunity to remodel or do some maintenance, use this opportunity to get things done.  
  • Be creative – think outside of traditional advertising concepts and do something that will speak to your customers. 
  • Collaborate with others – consider working with other local neighbouring businesses and pooling advertising resources.  
  • Stay positive – Having a positive and healthy environment to support staff to ensure retention.