Outdoor Ice Surfaces


When weather and ice conditions permit, the City of Leduc offers a number of outdoor skating surfaces for residents and visitors between the hours of 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. For ice locations, see the Outdoor Ice Skating Map.

The outdoor rinks are closed until further notice.

Ice will melt and deteriorate, creating poor ice conditions, when temperatures are above -10. 

Recreational Skating Ice

  • Telford Skating Oval - Closed
  • Golf Course Oval at driving range - Closed
  • Harry Bienert Park - Closed
  • Caledonia Park- Closed
  • Christ the King Skating Oval - Closed

Hockey Ice

  • Mark Hayduk Park (Robinson neighbourhood) - Closed
  • Kinsmen Rink - Closed
  • Lions Rink at Aileen Faller Park - Closed
  • Black Stone Rink - Closed
  • Southfork Rink - Closed

Note: Nets are placed on rinks when temperatures hold below -10 or else they deteriorate the ice surface. 

Don't skate on storm water ponds

Skating is NOT permitted on storm water ponds.

  • Storm water ponds have fluctuating water levels with potential depths that will not freeze solid
  • There have been incidences of children falling through the ice in areas, even when ice measurements at the facility are at acceptable thicknesses
  • If Enforcement Services witnesses people on the storm water ponds, they will require people to leave or enforce fines

One exception, when ice conditions permit, is the north pond at Alexandra Park. We've made this exception because:

  • the water depth can be controlled
  • it's easily accessible for monitoring and maintenance
  • the pond is more likely to freeze solid

For more information, contact the Parks Department at 780-980-7133.