Off-leash Dog Parks

NOTICE: Dog parks remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, however users are required to follow all public health orders outlined by the Province of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Thank you for your cooperation.


Leduc has 2 off-leash dog parks that are open 24 hours a day.

The K9 Off-Leash Dog Park, located on the east side of William F. Lede Park (behind the LRC on Black Gold Drive), offers a great opportunity for your dog to run and play within a fully-fenced area.





The park has 40 acres of mixed parkland with benches, and dog bags are supplied. There are trails through forest and wetlands. This park is very popular with Leduc residents, and many visitors drive from Edmonton, because it is fenced.

“The city does a fantastic job of maintaining the park by cutting grass in cleared poop areas and laying wood chip mulch on muddier pathways. It is a busy park year-round but with so much space, you can be a sociable as you like.” ~Leduc Resident

The Barclay Off-Leash Dog Park is located in Leduc’s northern industrial area at 3914 - 77 Ave. The park is in a water-filled park near the Edmonton International Airport. 

Cleaning up After Your Critter 

Sponsored by local businesses, the Bone & Biscuit and For Paws, Leduc offers 20 dog poop dispensers throughout the City.

>> Leduc Dog Poop Bag Locations

Rules for Enjoyment

  • To use the dog park, pets must be:
    • Licensed and vaccinated 
    • Older than 4 months
    • Accompanied by an adult
  • Please refrain from using the park if your pet is:
    • Sick
    • In heat or pre-heat
    • Fearful of other dogs
    • Aggressive or anti-social
  • Please be cautious when bringing your intact (un-spayed or un-neutered) pet to the park.
  • Keep your dog within your sight.
  • Clean up after your dog (pick up their poop immediately and fill in any holes they dig). Poop bag dispensers are provided.
  • Remove your dog immediately if he or she becomes aggressive.
  • Only the area within the park is off leash.
  • Please keep the gates closed.
  • Remember, you are liable for the actions and behaviour of your dogs at all times.

For animal control inquiries, call 780-980-7200.

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