Special Disposal Services

There are so many household products that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Many of these products, however, contain chemicals or other materials that could be harmful to the environment if they aren’t disposed of properly. Leduc residents can safely dispose of household hazardous waste and electronic waste (e-waste) at the city’s waste and recycling facilities.

Household Hazardous Waste

Take these materials to the Eco Station or the Waste Management Facility for proper and safe disposal.

Abrasive cleaners Bug spray Hair colouring Shoe polish
Acetone Butan refills Ink cartridges Solvents
Aerosol cans Car batteries Insect spray Smoke detectors
Aerosol paint Car wax Laundry stain remover Spa/pool chemicals
Ajax Carpet cleaner Nail polish Stain remover
Aklaline batteries (non-rechargeable) Compact fluorescent lights Oil (used/vehicle) Tile cleaner
All-purpose cleaners Disinfectant Oil filters Toiler bowl cleaner
Ant powder Drain opener Oven cleaner Upholstery cleaner
Antifreeze Fire extinguisher Paint/paint thinner Used oil filters
Barbeque starter Furniture polish Pesticides Used motor oil
Batteries (all types) Gas Poisons Varnish
Bleach Glass cleaner Rubbing alcohol Vehicle batteries
Brass polish Glue Rug cleaner Wax
      Weed killer

Electronic Waste

Take these materials to the Eco Station or the Waste Management Facility for proper and safe disposal.

Cables (computer) CPU (hard drives) Monitors TVs
Camcorders Digital cameras Networking equipment Video game consoles
CD/VCR/DVD players Electrical cables Pagers Strings of holiday lights
Cell phones Fax machines Phones  
Computer components Hard drives Notebook computers  
Computer monitor iPods Printers  
Computer mouse Keyboards Radios  
Computer speakers Laptops Stereos  
Expanded Electronics Program:
Small appliances Gaming equipment Audio and video equipment Toys
Wireless devices Power tools Musical instruments Solar panels (residential sized or on solar garden lights)

Additional Waste Services

The City of Leduc offers a variety of programs and services making it easy for residents to manage their waste effectively and keep material from being landfilled.

In addition to the Curbside Cart Collection & Recycling Program, you are encouraged to take advantage of the following services:

  • Yard waste drop-off at the Yard Waste Transfer Station
  • Large item pickup
  • Christmas tree recycling
  • Household hazardous waste drop-off
  • E-waste drop-off

Large Item Pickup

From June 3 - 7, residents may place large items out with their regular carts for collection (2 item limit per household). Items more than 60 inches wide (5 feet) and 150 pounds (68 kg) will not be picked up.

Guidelines for collection:

  • Please place large items out by 7 a.m. on your collection day, one metre away from your carts and blue bags.
  • If the large item is an outdoor item or a toy, please tag it with a sign indicating "Large Item Pickup" so it is clearly marked for collection (e.g. bicycles, hockey nets).
  • Service is for city curbside collection customers only.

Examples of accepted items:

  • Mattresses
  • Water heaters
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Lawn mowers - must have oil and gas removed
  • Electronics (items such as TVs and stereos are acceptable, residents are advised against leaving out items containing sensitive information such as computers and tablets)
  • Appliances other than fridges and freezers. Fridges and freezers can be taken to the Waste Management Facility for proper disposal. A $26 fee applies.

Items that are NOT accepted:

  • Household hazardous waste
  • Construction waste
  • Propane tanks
  • Motors
  • Sod and yard waste

Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas trees are picked up with regular curbside collection. Check your collection calendar for pick-up schedule.

  • Cut the tree to lengths of 4 feet at maximum
  • Put your tree 1m away from your carts on your regular collection day
  • Trees are taken to the compost collection facility for chipping

Tree pickup will occur later in the day. Alternately, you can take your tree to the Yard Waste Transfer Station.

Habitat for Humanity Donation Pick-up

Once per month, Habitat for Humanity Restore will pick up gently used items
from your business or residence.

Antiques Doors Moldings
Cabinets Windows Lumber (clean/no nails)
Tools New carpet Kitchen sinks
Plumbing fixtures (no toilets) Furniture (dressers/tables/chairs) Appliances (washers/dryers/stoves/fridges)
Bathtubs (clawfoot/acrylic) Lighting fixtures  

Call the Restore-Donation Pickup at 780-477-4057 or visit their website to arrange donation and pickup.

Managing Extra Waste

If you can’t fit all of your waste into your waste cart (with the lid closed tight):

  • Take your extra waste to the Eco Station. One bag of waste is accepted free of charge and any additional bags are $2/bag. Exact change must be provided.
  • Take your extra waste to the Waste Management Facility where it is free for residents with a resident card.
  • Rent an extra waste cart for $12.46/month for a minimum period of 6 months. Certain terms of service are in place for residents arranging for a second waste cart. Call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 for details.

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