Southfork Residential Speed Reduction Pilot

In June 2021, City Council approved a pilot program to reduce the residential speed limit in the Southfork neighbourhood to 40 km/hr, beginning June 28.

This pilot was intended to significantly increase the safety of residential roads by only slightly slowing down traffic. Southfork was chosen for the pilot program, as many speed-related concerns were expressed by residents in the neighbourhood.

A community survey and virtual open house were held to answer questions from residents and hear feedback. The City compiled a summary Q&A in response.

In total, 287 residents completed the survey, and we heard that:

  • 38% were in favour of the proposed pilot
  • 14% were in favour of the proposed pilot only if there were a corresponding increase in speeds elsewhere with less pedestrian traffic
  • 44% were not in favour of the proposed pilot 
  • 4% were unsure

During the first year of the pilot, speed data was collected using speed display boards and showed that: 

  • Average speeds were essentially unchanged, as expected 
  • Excessive speeds were reduced from 55–58 km/hour to 44–49 km/hour 

This indicates that the public was largely unaffected by the change; however, those who were speeding slowed down to stay within 9 km/hour of the posted speed limit.