Water Demand Measures

Ensuring a sufficient supply of water for essential services like firefighting and maintaining adequate drinking water for the community is the goal when water demand measures are in effect.

As outlined by the City's Water Bylaw, water demand measures are implemented in stages and apply to City operations a all water users in the City. It's important to know what is and is not allowed in each stage.

Stages of Water Demand Measures

Measure A: Operational Restrictions
There is a potential or forecasted risk to the system. The following City operations may be restricted:

  • Hydrant flushing
  • Sewer flushing
  • Street cleaning
  • Firefighting training
  • Fleet vehicle washing - includes transit buses
  • Outdoor rink flooding

There is no impact to the public, though residents are encouraged to conserve water where possible.

Measure  B: Voluntary Restrictions
There is a moderate risk to the system. The following additional City operations may be restricted:

  • Non-recirculating spray decks and parks close. Recirculating spray decks and parks may remain open
  • The City will avoid filling swimming pools in public facilities when possible
  • Potable water use is limited to essential projects for road construction, and parks and recreation

Residents are reminded to conserve excess water usage where possible by taking  following voluntary steps:

  • Stop or limit watering lawns and gardens during the daytime hours
  • Limit outdoor washing (cars, windows, exterior building surfaces, sidewalks, driveways or walkways)
  • Limit filling outdoor pools or hot tubs, fountains and other decorative features

Measure C: Mandatory Restrictions
There is a high risk to the system. The following additional City operations may be restricted:

  • All spray decks and parks are closed
  • No filling of City swimming pools

The public is required to limit all non-essential water use.


Please contact Utility Services at 780-980-7177

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