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Visit the interactive website to see how the 65 Avenue and QEII Interchange project is going to change the city.

The QEII and 65th Avenue Interchange project is a joint effort between the City of Leduc, Alberta Transportation, and the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority. It will support tremendous growth and development in the City of Leduc, Edmonton Metro Region, as well as provincially and nationally. 

Construction is expected to take approximately 2-3 years, open in 2025. The work is anticipated to include some temporary closures of the existing flyover, but all efforts will be made to mitigate traffic impacts to the QEII.  Apr. 1, 2024: 50 Street QEII off-ramp to close until 2025 when the 65 Ave and QEII Interchange project is anticipated to be complete. 

The project is estimated to cost $112 million and is being funded through a cost-shared agreement between the Government of Alberta ($96.4 million) and City of Leduc ($15.7 million).

This critical infrastructure will support safety and ease of movement of people and goods. It will stimulate Alberta’s continued economic development through investment growth, job creation, and diversification. It will foster increased trade and improve transportation logistics in support of access to and from the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and investment on airport lands and throughout the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.  

Construction updates

Detours and closures

Apr. 6, 2024: 50 Street QEII off-ramp to close until 2025 when the 65 Ave and QEII Interchange project is anticipated to be complete. 

65th Ave Construction - 50 Street Off-Ramp Closed.jpg

On/off-ramp realignment: permanent closure and decommissioning of the on/off-ramp west of Leduc Towne Square. New off-ramp open.

64 Ave - New Off-Ramp Map.jpg

Fall 2023: New traffic changes will be in place once construction is completed in the intersection of 65 Ave and 64 Ave. 

65th Ave Overpass - New Traffic Patterns.jpg


Date Status
Apr. 1, 2024 50 St. off-ramp from the QEII highway will close on the evening of Apr. 6 until construction is complete for the 65 Ave. and QEII Interchange project in 2025. Work begins to reconfigure the bridge with the cutting of asphalt, removal of guardrails, and shutting off the lights over the bridge. Motorists will be able to enter the City of Leduc via Airport Road and 50 Ave. off-ramp.    

Construction work in 2024 

  • The final lift of asphalt on 50 Street, 65 Avenue and on the 64 Avenue off-ramp 
  • Work to continue on the airport side of the QEII with roadwork, new on and off-ramps, and a roundabout. 
  • Bridge work resumes with placement of girders followed by the construction of the bridge deck  
  • Reconfiguration of the existing 50 Street off-ramp bridge  

In 2023, 65 Avenue and QEII Interchange construction included:

  • Reconstruction of 50 Street and 65 Avenue on the east side of the QEII
  • The re-alignment Airport Perimeter Road and installation of fencing
  • An extended road along Airport Perimeter road to connect with 65 Ave on the westside of the QEII
  • Overpass bridge foundation structures (piles, pile caps, stems and  abutments) were built 
  • Construction of a noise barrier wall along the Willow Park neighbourhood
  • General ground work preparation for the two roundabouts, the overpass, and detour roads along the QEII highway
  • Realignment of the 64 Ave off-ramp to close the on-ramp portion to improve safety

We ask motorist to abide by the posted signage in the construction zones that reflect the traffic pattern changes. We appreciate your cooperation and patience. 

What will be built

  • A new overpass over the QEII
  • New on and off-ramps on the west side of Leduc conntection 65 Ave. to the QEII
  • Improvements to the 64 Ave. off-ramp
  • Intersection improvements at 65 Avenue and 50 Street in Leduc
  • Completion of Perimeter Road and 65 Avenue, west of the QEII
  • Improvements to Grant MacEwan Boulevard
  • A pedestrian crossing over the QEII that links to new paths between Leduc and airport land
  • sound barrier wall to reduce noise in Willow Park along the QEII

Learn more about the project planning and design and view an overview map of the project


Roundabouts are designed to reduce traffic congestion and maximize safety for  drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The east teardrop roundabout will help manage traffic flow from the new and existing overpass and control congestion in the area. 

The west roundabout will connect drivers to the Airport Perimeter Road, 50 Street, and 35 Avenue. Vehicles in the roundabout have the option to head towards the airport, back onto the QEII from 65 Ave, or to west neighbourhoods of the city. See how you can you use the future roundabouts to get to your destination. 

Roundabouts - MAP_0.jpg


Project milestones


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