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The Leduc Recreation Centre offers a variety of registered aquatics, fitness, and recreational programs. 309,000 square foot premium multi-use Recreation and Fitness Facility for people of all ages.

There is something for everyone at the Leduc Recreation Centre!


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See the latest City Guide to view ALL of the registered programs available at the LRC. 

Did you know that the LRC also offers a variety of drop-in programs which are free to participate in if you have a monthly or annual LRC Membership? View all of our drop-in programs & classes today! 

Recreation Programs

Parents are required to complete a waiver form for their children and themselves (for parented classes) to participate in our programs. This waiver will be emailed to you after class is confirmed to have met minimum enrollment and must be completed and sent back prior to the start date of the preschool class. These waivers are only required once per calendar year.
First Time Jitters
It is quite normal for a first-time participant, and sometimes a repeat participant, to be nervous or not want to stay. A new program experience may be intimidating or scary for a child. Quite often children are unsure what their class will be like, what they will do in class and most often they don’t want to be alone. It is important for parents to communicate with children about what will happen in class (activities, snack, swimming, stories). Stay positive, be excited and offer encouraging support to your child. Consider involving your child in getting ready for class (packing snack, picking clothes, bringing a picture in their backpack). Talk to your child on what they can expect from drop off to what might happen in a day to what time you will be there to pick them up. Ask your child if there is anything they are nervous about and come up with strategies ahead of time. Be sure to notify staff of strategies because we want to help make sure everyone has a great time.
Due to COVID restrictions we cannot pickup children or hold upset children. If a child cannot follow the required instruction by our staff they will have to go home.
Child’s Temperature
Parents will be required to take their children’s temperature each day prior to program drop off. AHS guidelines require us to make record of temperatures and ensure your child’s temperature is within the normal range.  Staff will be recording this temperature on our class list and keep the records for two weeks after the last class. If you arrive and do not have your child’s temperature you will be asked to leave and may return after you have taken your child’s temperature.
A program will be cancelled or combined due to low registration 1 week prior to the program’s start date. For full details on cancellation policies Credits or refunds will not be issued any day where a potential COVID exposure occurs; however, for subsequent days affected by the AHS requirements issued by the Province of Alberta, registrants will receive a credit on their account.
Each program will be assigned their own specific toys, activities and equipment that will be wiped and sanitized before used by other cohorts. Any shared equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between cohort groups to ensure no cross contamination. We will be following the AHS guidelines for all cleaning requirements.
Masks are now required for anyone age 2 and older as per the Alberta Mask requirements since the City of Leduc has indefinitely suspended Leduc’s Face Coverings Bylaw. Requirements will vary per department and activity and may possibly change with AHS updates and restriction variations. Please see for Alberta Mask Requirements and for City of Leduc for more information.

Recreation Program Day

Before you leave the house
Using the Daily Health Checklist provided by AHS ( please screen your child using page 1 & 2 and the drop off parent/guardian using page 3. If anyone answers “YES” to any questions do not attend programs, follow all instructions provided on the checklist. As a requirement by AHS guidelines you must complete this every time before attending programs.
Drop Off
Upon arrival to the Kinsmen Hall for your registered program, parents and children will meet at the drop off/pickup meeting area, located under the eve on the east side of the building.  Please stand next to one of the pylons and wait with your child.  Please respect physical distancing while waiting for your program to start. Parents are asked to pack indoor shoes for your child and dress for the weather while waiting outside. The child must be able to carry their backpack (with a water bottle, 1 nut free snack (please no lunches) and indoor shoes) as well as a coat if we should need to evacuate in case of an emergency.
Parents will be required to take their children’s temperature each day prior to school drop off.  Staff will be recording this temperature, as it is mandatory and children cannot stay without a daily temperature check.
Late Drop Off or Early Pick Up
If you are needing to pick up early or drop off late please contact our Programs phone (780.886.8440) before the program begins.  Parents are not permitted to access our classroom facility as stipulated by AHS guidelines. 

Registration Process

Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. All fees include GST (where applicable). Waiting lists will be taken for all programs. If demand is sufficient and appropriate time, space, and instructors are available, classes may be added.  A program will be cancelled or combined due to low registration 1 week prior to the program’s start date. Register early to avoid disappointment.

Please keep in mind:

  • NSF cheques are subject to a $35 administration fee and immediate removal from class list. Re-enrollment must be paid by cash, debit, certified cheque or credit card.
  • An account credit can be used for registering in an alternative course. Outstanding credits over $25 will be automatically refunded by the end of the year.  Unused credits under $25 will be cleared after 12 months.  Account credits cannot be used when registering online but can be used in-person or over the phone.
  • Patron withdrawal If withdrawing 8 days or more before the course start date, a full refund will be issued. If withdrawing within 7 days to the course start date, refunds will not be granted and the current administrative fee will be applied.
  • Patron withdrawal within 7 days  If withdrawing within 7 days to the course start date, refunds will not be granted, however, a credit will be placed on the account and a $10 admin fee will be applied. You may transfer to another program within the same session with no penalty where possible. For specialty courses, an applicable admin fee will be applied with the amount indicated in the course description.
  • Patron withdrawal after course start date If you are withdrawing from a course after the course start date refunds will not be granted and a prorated credit will be placed on the account along with a $10 admin fee. For specialty courses, an applicable admin fee will be applied with the amount indicated in the course description.
  • Medical/Relocation withdrawal Refund requests due to medical reasons must be accompanied by a Doctor’s Certificate. The amount of the refund will be pro-rated based for the remaining classes on the date indicated in the medical slip. No admin fee will be applied.