City Hosted Event

Flyin' Bob

Black Stone Community Family Series - Flyin’ Bob bring us “Be The Circus”.


Presented by Mecca Music, MAC DADDY brings us “The Fleetwood Mac Experience”.

Brendan McLeod

Presented by Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts Society, Brendan McLeod brings us “BRAIN and Other Stories”

Russell deCarle featuring Steve Briggs

Presented by Mecca Music


The best in trad music, in a non-traditional way. That’s Còig.

Motus O Dance Theatre

Motus O brings you “The Prisoner of Tehran”.

Steven Pineo

Presented by Mecca Music

Sarah Hagen

Sarah Hagen brings you: “Perk up, pianist!”

Kenny Hess

The Songs That Wrote Country Music

Firefly Theatre and Circus

Black Stone Community Family Series - Firefly Theatre and Circus bring you, VIVAREE, a vivacious variety show featuring Acrobats, Jugglers, Comedians, and Pups!