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Firefighter Recruitment Basic Requirements

The City of Leduc firefighter works in a composite and integrated staffing model consisting of medically trained career and paid on-call firefighters. Under an Officer’s supervision, the firefighter responds to emergent fire, rescue, and medical calls. Depending on his/her level of training, basic and/or advanced life support interventions skills are required on scene. The firefighter’s role will also support the following functions: maintenance of fire and ems apparatuses, equipment and station care; record keeping; reporting duties; participates in fire pre-planning, fire inspections, public relations and training activities.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Respond to emergency calls, lay/connect hose, hold nozzle, directs water streams, raise/climb ladders, ventilate buildings, use positive pressure fans, extinguishers and other equipment
  • Respond to medical emergencies in an ambulance as a FF/PCP or a FF/ACP
  • Drive and operate firefighting and medical apparatus as assigned
  • Perform salvage and overhaul operations
  • Use vehicle extrication tools for removal of person(s)
  • Employ appropriate PPE and accountability, in addition performs all scene activities in a safe manner
  • Attend on/off-site training sessions as required
  • Perform general, vehicle, equipment checks and maintenance
  • Document general, vehicle, equipment checks and maintenance
  • Ensure all equipment is fully prepared and functional after all calls
  • Perform general station duties including upkeep of fire station, cleaning of bay floor, general quarters, apparatus and equipment, washing, hanging and drying of hose, washing, cleaning of apparatus and equipment
  • Perform administrative documents, reporting and incident data entry
  • Responsible for workplace safety as outlined in the Alberta OH&S Act
  • Employ organizational policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Prepare various reports and other documents
  • May perform other related duties as assigned

Working Conditions

Firefighters respond to emergencies where they may be exposed to poisonous, flammable, or explosive gases and chemicals. Some of these are radioactive or other hazardous materials that may have immediate or long-term effects on their health. The firefighter may also come in contact with extremely ill patients that may have communicable illness. The work environment will require the person to react quickly and remain calm under stressful situations. They must possess the stamina to perform all the functions of this position under adverse conditions. The position must wear appropriate protective gear, which can get very heavy and hot, when responding to a call. Work hours can be long, with an on-duty and on-call rotation system in place.

>> IAFF Local 4739 Collective Agreement