2024 Property Assessment Notices are in the mail

Monday, January 29, 2024

The City of Leduc sent out 2024 Property Assessment Notices to all property owners by mail last week, starting January 25, 2024. 

This notice will detail the market value of your property, which is used to calculate the annual taxes. Notices could take up to one week to reach your mailbox. 

The property assessment notice is not your property tax bill. Property taxes will be calculated after the municipal tax rate is set in April, using the assessed property value listed on this notice. Property Tax Notices will be sent to all property owners in May.

When you receive your assessment notice, please make sure you review the information about your property. If you have questions or concerns about your assessment value, or if you do not receive your property assessment notice, please contact the City. The deadline to appeal your assessed property value is April 3, 2024. 

You can connect with the City about property taxes by: 

The assessment process follows the guidelines established by the provincial government to ensure property taxes are distributed in a fair and equitable way where owners of properties with similar market values pay a similar amount of property taxes. 

More information: