Changes coming to City EV charging stations to promote responsible use

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

To help the City of Leduc recover costs and encourage drivers to move their vehicle after charging, all City-owned level 3 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will cost $10 per hour to use starting later this spring. City-owned level 2 EV charging stations will remain free to use. 

The hourly rate remains well below the average market value of $20 per hour for level 3 chargers, which will continue to promote Leduc as a preferred hub for EV owners and support economic development. 

A surcharge for extended charging periods will also be implemented: 

  • $10 per hour for vehicles plugged into a level 2 charger for more than 8 hours
  • $20 per hour for vehicles plugged into a level 3 charger for more than 8 hours

Payment will be made via the mobile Flo App. Signs will be posted at the charging stations when the rates take effect. 

This change comes in response to the high demand for charging, causing the EV chargers to use more energy than the solar panels can produce. Based on current electricity costs and charger usage, the $10 per hour fee will allow the City to recover operating costs and achieve the original 15-year capital investment payback plan. 

About City of Leduc EV Chargers: 

The City has installed 10 public EV chargers between downtown and the Leduc Recreation Centre. This includes six level 2 chargers (can charge a vehicle with 50 km of charge in approximately 35-40 minutes) and four level 3 chargers (can fully charge a vehicle in about 40-60 minutes). 

Since opening in 2021, the City's charging stations have provided more than 10,000 hours of vehicle charging. Residents are encouraged to move their vehicle once it is finished charging to make the charger available to others. 

The City recently received the Minister's Award for Environmental Innovation for the solar carport and EV charging stations downtown.