City of Leduc seeks public feedback on services, quality of life

Monday, March 1, 2021

The City of Leduc is seeking feedback from residents on COVID-19 response and planning, as well as city programs, services, facilities and overall value for tax dollars via their 2021 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Feedback from the survey will be used to guide planning and service delivery to the community for the next two years.

“As a municipality, it’s important that we remain accountable to the community we serve, so gathering feedback from residents on how we’re doing is vital to our success,” says Leduc Mayor Bob Young. “The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is our way of checking in with residents on a regular basis to identify those areas that are working well, where we can improve, and whether there are any gaps that we need to address.”

The city hosts the Citizen Satisfaction Survey every two years to solicit public opinion on a variety of topics including residents’ satisfaction with city services, efficacy of city communications, and overall quality of life. The data collected is subsequently shared throughout all city departments and used for the planning and administration of municipal services.

“The results of the 2021 Citizen Satisfaction Survey will guide decisions and planning in our city for the next two years, so this is a great opportunity for residents to have their say on how we operate,” says Young. “Especially during a time when we’re not as able to connect in-person to hear from our residents, engaging with our community in this way is essential, so we hope to garner input from as many people as possible.”

The survey is conducted by an Edmonton-area research firm who will contact approximately 400 Leduc residents by phone. The survey will also be available online for interested residents to complete between March 4 and 29, 2021. Results of the survey will be presented at a meeting of Leduc City Council in the spring, and subsequently posted online.

For more information, please visit or call 780-980-7177.

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Natalie Hillier, Lead, Communications