Construction season is around the corner

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The 2024 construction season is set to begin with preparations underway for 12 projects this year. The overall cost of construction in 2024 is $106 million, with $83 million budgeted for the remainder of the 65 Avenue and QEII Interchange project

The demand to invest in critical infrastructure like buildings, roads and open spaces increases with a growing city,” says City of Leduc Mayor Bob Young. “Reliable infrastructure adds value to a vibrant community by making it safer and improving quality of life.” 

Residents directly impacted by construction will be notified before work begins. Motorists are asked to reduce their speed and follow the posted signage in construction zones. Notable projects this year includes: 

  • Continued work on the 65 Avenue and QEII Interchange 
  • Road reconstruction in Corinthia and South Telford  
  • Rehabilitation for a portion of the Telford Lake boardwalk 
  • Construction of a new snow storage facility 
  • Road and sidewalk reconstruction in Willow Park  
  • Building of an inclusive playground at Willow Park School 
  • Initial work for Telford Cemetery 

“This season is a mixture of new construction and maintenance of important infrastructure,” says Shawn Olson, Director of Engineering and Environment in the City of Leduc “It’s important that we honour the charming characteristics of Leduc while building for the future.” 

 The full detailed 2024 construction season project list, including progress updates, is available at