Leduc Budget 2024 Update

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Leduc City Council hosted their third municipal budget deliberation meeting on Nov. 6 where the proposed 2024 Infrastructure and Planning operating and capital budgets were presented by Michael Pieters, General Manager of Infrastructure and Planning. 

Proposed Infrastructure and Planning Operating Cost Changes 

  • Crane and hoist inspections: increase of $15k  
  • Diesel and gasoline: savings of $172k 
  • Snow removal contract services: increase of $148k 
  • Street lighting: savings of $160k 
  • Pesticide education (one-time funding): increase of $30k 
  • Economic initiatives: savings of $25k 
  • Energy costs: savings of $25k 
  • Pool chemicals: savings of $10k 
  • New Revenue! Lease income from third floor of Protective Services Building: $102k 

Proposed Service Level Adjustment  

  • On-Demand Transit service: proposal would expand weekday and weekend service. This service would be a cost-share with Leduc County. 
    • Cost for Leduc’s 65 per cent share of total for service level adjustment: increase of $545,600 
    • Note: this amount is not currently included in the proposed 2024 municipal budget. It will only be added if Leduc City Council votes to approve the service level adjustment. 

Proposed Infrastructure and Planning Fees and Charges Changes  

  • 2 per cent increase to: household waste rate, additional cart/delivery fee, final grade certificates 
  • New fee: Residential final grade reinspection: $110 
  • Lost or damaged cart fee: $71.20 
  • Storm/utility fixed fee: $5.50 

Proposed Infrastructure and Planning Capital Costs 

  • Proposed changes to 2024-2026 Capital Plan: 
    • Golf course parking lot: deferred to 2027   
    • Civic Centre parking lot: deferred to 2028  
    • Downtown washroom: deferred to 2028  
  • Proposed 2024 Road Program and Utility Upgrades: $8.35M 
    • This cost would include road overlays and backlane reconstruction in areas of identified need throughout the city, as well as road reconstruction and utility line upgrades in Willow Park 
  • Proposed 2024 Capital Program: $38M
    • This cost would include projects such as: rehabilitation to the Telford Lake Boardwalk, construction of a barrier-free playground, construction of the Corinthia Park multiway, roof and flooring renewal in several City facilities and the purchase of several pieces of new equipment. 
  • Proposed 2025 and 2026 Capital Program: $60M 

Upcoming Budget Deliberation Meetings

This was the third budget deliberation meeting for the proposed 2024 municipal budget. Leduc City Council will meet twice more this month to hear from the respective divisions within the City of Leduc.  

Following the final presentation on Nov. 27, there will be a two-week period where administration will make final adjustments based on City Council’s direction throughout the deliberations.  

The final 2024 municipal budget will be presented to City Council for approval on Monday, Dec. 11. 

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