Leduc Budget 2024 Update

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Leduc City Council hosted their fifth municipal budget deliberation meeting on Nov. 27 where previously flagged items from the proposed 2024 operating and capital budgets were presented by representatives from City administration. 

The final 2024 municipal budget will be presented to City Council requesting their approval on Monday, Dec. 11. 

Grants to Organizations Funding Requests 

  • Council supported the board funding recommendations for: Royal Canadian Legion, Telford Seniors Centre, the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc and the Leduc & District Food Bank Association ($197,000) 
  • Council supported the full grant request amount for the Alberta Legacy Development Society (Grain Elevator) ($53,997) 
  • Council supported the service contract agreement for the Leduc Arts Foundry ($65,000) 
  • Council requested more information from the Leduc & District Emergency Shelter Association (HUB) before final consideration of the grant funding request 

Proposed Operating Budget Items 

  • Council favours deferring the 0.5 per cent tax increases from the Future Infrastructure Growth Tax Strategy for 2024 and 2025 
  • Council supported proposed funding increases for Spring Peak Bed Maintenance and the Golf Course Lease Obligation ($73,000) 

Proposed Capital Budget Items 

  • Council supports proposed funding for the cemetery development with a request for a scaled back functional design ($3 million) 
  • Council supports proposed funding for meeting room AV upgrades with the understanding that upgrades will be reviewed and undertaken based on priority ($175,000) 
  • Council supports funding as proposed for: Formal IT Asset Evergreen, LRC Flooring Renewal, Civic Centre Furniture Program Renewal, Yard Waste Transfer Station Relocation, Fleet Services Hoist Replacement & Expansion, Telford Lake Storm Outfall Rehab, Fleet Replacement Advancements, Aquatics equipment and all proposed public services capital equipment. ($5.083 million) 

Proposed Service Level Adjustments 

  • Council supports a service level adjustment to enhance On-Demand Transit service on weekdays ($388,500) 
  • Council supports proposed service level adjustments for: Treaty, Truth and ReconciliACTION contract position ($50,000/year over a 2-year term), Leduc Arts Foundry – downtown lease ($53,000 ongoing) and Dr. Woods House Museum ($70,000, one-time funding) 

Final 2024 Municipal Budget Meeting 

This was the fifth deliberation meeting for the City of Leduc’s proposed 2024 municipal budget. There will be an additional budget discussion during next week’s meeting of Leduc City Council on Dec. 4, 2023, to discuss remaining items on the 2024 proposed municipal budget.  

A full summary of this year’s budget deliberation meetings is published on the City of Leduc’s website. 

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