LES 2022 Community Priorities Calendar

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

As we begin 2022, Leduc Enforcement Services unveils this year's Community Priorities Calendar to keep citizens informed of the factors that go into keeping everyone safe. The topic of interest for January is ice safety.

What it looks like may not be what it seems. That is the danger that lies with large frozen bodies of water during the winter season. As temperatures start to warm, it affects the integrity of the ice - be it a lake or pond. Take great caution if you are on a frozen surface as a break in the ice can lead to a serious life incident.

Stay off storm water ponds! When we have bursts of warm weather, the ice starts to deteriorate and water levels can fluctuate suddenly with snow melting in the adjacent neighbourhoods. If you see a closed sign at a boarded rink or grass pad, please do not skate on that ice surface to ensure everyone’s safety as the ice begins to melt. Stay safe by going skating on one of the several outdoor rinks within the City of Leduc.