Province relaxes Edmonton airport restrictions

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Government of Alberta announced today eased restrictions around Edmonton International Airport while protecting the airport’s ability to operate on a 24-7 basis.

At the request of local business interests, the City of Leduc and Edmonton International Airport, commercial development will be allowed in areas closer to the airport and under flight paths.

Changes to the Edmonton International Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) Regulation will reduce the current restricted area by 30 per cent while removing a number of restrictions based on new noise contours that indicate existing or potential areas of significant aircraft noise exposure. The new noise contours reflect changes in aircraft technology and will allow for further development in the City of Leduc while ensuring airport operations are unaffected.

To ensure developers, businesses and residents are aware of any potential noise conditions resulting from close proximity to the airport, the City of Leduc has the authority to file a caveat on title when a new subdivision or residential development is approved. This caveat will ensure that new residents are aware the property lies under a flight path.

Changes to the AVPA regulation were developed collaboratively between Edmonton International Airport and the City of Leduc, followed by engagement conducted by the municipality with local businesses and residents.

Learn more about what this means in the City of Leduc.

“Alberta’s international airports are extremely valuable assets that are vital to the provincial economy. They need to operate without the burden of unnecessary regulation, and the commercial activity that surrounds them must be allowed to thrive. We look forward to seeing the kind of economic growth that this business-friendly approach will bring to Edmonton International Airport and the surrounding community.”
- Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs

“We are committed to and encourage growth that will benefit the City of Leduc and the region, and are pleased that the amended regulation creates an environment where new opportunities for residential, commercial and industrial development in Leduc are possible. This will have significant, positive long-term impacts on the City of Leduc and our ability to grow for decades to come.”
- Bob Young, mayor, City of Leduc

“We are pleased with the revision as it protects the long-term 24-7 operations of Edmonton International Airport, which perfectly aligns with accelerating strategic economic development not only for the municipalities around EIA but indeed the entire region. Enshrining 24-7 airport operations in legislation provides certainty for international businesses to more likely choose our region for launching companies, as well as creating enhanced export opportunities for existing companies in our region. The collaboration between EIA, the municipalities and the Government of Alberta has been instrumental in finalizing the AVPA revisions.”
- Tom Ruth, president and CEO, Edmonton International Airport