Snow removal on collector roads begins Feb. 28

Monday, February 26, 2024

A seasonal parking ban has been declared for collector roads in the City of Leduc so snow removal can begin Wednesday, Feb. 28. Vehicles must be removed from collector roads by 4 a.m. on Feb. 28. This provides the required 24-hour notice to motorists along these roads.  

What to expect from a seasonal parking ban 

  • Collector roads (Priority 3 – blue) are bus stop routes and main roads in neighbourhood areas 
  • These roads have permanent snow route signs installed along the street 
  • Windrows are cleared 
  • Parked vehicles will be tagged ($250 fine) and towed to nearest cleared road 
  • Snow removal lasts 1-2 days per area 

Steps you can take to prepare for a parking ban 

  • See the priority map to find which parking ban applies to you at home or work 
  • Sign up to the email list to be notified of when parking bans are declared 
  • Check the snow removal update page and look for signs at your neighbourhood entrance that indicate when crews will be in your area 
  • Move your vehicles off the street 

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