Spring street sweeping is underway

Friday, April 21, 2023

Crews have completed clearing the main arterial roadways around the city and have begun working on the collector roads. Crews will be moving onto residential streets once the collector roads have been swept, to allow a place for residents to park.

Check out the website to stay informed about when crews will be in your area for residential street sweeping. City crews monitor the condition of our streets along with weather forecasts, garbage collection schedules and equipment availability when scheduling street sweeping, so please be aware that schedules may change.

Residents are asked to remove vehicles, curb mats, basketball nets and any other obstructions from the roadway on the days that sweeping is scheduled. It allows crews to work quickly and ensure debris is removed from roadways for commuter safety and the longevity of the stormwater facilities and catch basins.

There will be no parking bans in effect for spring or fall street sweeping.