Capital Projects

Capital projects are undertaken by the City of Leduc to improve and enhance the community's infrastructure.

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Capital Projects Interactive Map

Once a Capital Project has begun, status updates are provided on a weekly basis. View this helpful interactive map to see which projects are currently happening, or view the list below.

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Crystal Creek Development Site Servicing

Alberta Infrastructure and Black Gold School Division will construct a new high school starting in 2021. Grading and site servicing are currently underway to prepare the location for construction.

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Southeast Boundary Road (Pioneer Road)

This project includes completing 300m of new arterial road to connect Highway 2A and Southfork Road intersection to the future Meadowview Stage 17 development.

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Black Gold Drive Road Reconstruction

As roads age, freeze-thaw cycles and the weight of traffic wear on their structure. Although Black Gold Drive may appear in good condition from the surface, the road structure beneath requires work.

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Windrose Multiway

A key connection of Leduc’s multiway, this extension will join directly off of Black Gold Drive and run south along the Leduc Golf Course.

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50th Avenue Overlay

This overlay is necessary to improve and mitigate a more extensive rehabilitation to the deteriorating structure of 50th Avenue.

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Simpson Park Multiway

This multiway will pass through Simpson Park, connecting residents to recreational areas in the community.

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Backlane Reconstruction and Overlay

This project includes back lane excavation down to the base (gravel) layer or sub-grade depending upon lane condition.

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