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Proposed Pilot Program Engagement

About the pilot program

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Bird Canada approached the City of Leduc to propose the addition of shared e-scooters to the city starting out as a two-year pilot project. Feedback from the community was collected at the end of the 2021 and beginning of 2022 to help decide if the pilot will move forward.

During the Feb. 28, 2022 Council Meeting, with your input from the What We Heard Report Pilot Survey, Leduc City Council decided to amend the Traffic Bylaw and Parkland Bylaw to allow for the trial of e-scooters in Leduc.

The first year of the pilot has been successful based on feedback in the What We Heard Report Year One. Council passed changes on Dec. 12, 2022 for e-scooters speeds to be increased from 15 km/hr to 20 km/hr for year two. The second year of the pilot will begin in spring 2023.

The City of Leduc provides the framework, while the rest of the program and operation is funded and overseen by Bird Canada. 

What are the benefits?

There many benefits shared e-scooters can bring: 

  • Provide another transportation option to everyone in the community  
  • Reduce greenhouse emission by filling the transportation gap for short trips 
  • Support the growth of vibrant city and increase tourism 
  • Encourage people to get outside more and promote an active lifestyle 

What does this pilot cost taxpayers?

There would be no cost to the City beyond administrative requirements for the initial public consultation and potential program start-up. Bird Canada would be responsible for program operations and advertising once up and running. 

When will it start and how long will it run for?

E-scooters aim to roll out in Leduc in spring 2022, and will run for two years, during which time the pilot will be monitored and data collected for evaluation.

Will I be able to submit feedback or concerns about e-scooters once the pilot starts?  

Yes, the City of Leduc will work with Bird Canada to provide mechanisms for residents and e-scooter users to provide feedback about their experience throughout the pilot.  

How will you evaluate whether the pilot is successful? 

Data such as number of rides, public feedback, and any safety incidents or issues could be considered. 

How has implementation of e-scooters gone in other municipalities? Have there been any injuries or accidents? 

The City of Leduc is proposing to model this pilot after the program rolled out in Okotoks in summer 2021. Okotoks had 14,000 successful rides and no reported accidents or injuries. 

What is the City's role?  

The City can determine the following:  

  • Maximum allowable speeds  
  • The zone of use, and designated parking areas  
  • Designated slow areas with a high number of pedestrians, cars or other path users  
  • Whether e-scooters should be permitted on sidewalks, bicycle lanes, pathways, multi-ways, or local neighbourhood roads (collector and residential)
  • Availability of use

Like other forms of motorized transportation, scooters are subject to laws governing safe usage, including but not limited to:

  • Riders must be at least 16 years old; 
  • All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet when riding an e-scooter; and, 
  • All riders must agree to the terms of safe use when signing up for the e-scooter app.  

What was the feedback collected during the public engagement on the proposed pilot?

1,107 people responded to the survey that collected residents’ thoughts on the proposed pilot program, with those in favour of the program taking a slight lead in results. Our What We Heard Report summarizes the feedback collected.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How e-scooters work?
E-scooters are battery powered and allow riders to use a smart phone app to locate, pay for and unlock a scooter, then ride it to their destination. Learn more about e-scooter at the Bird Canada website.

How many e-scooters will be available in Leduc?
Bird Canada recommends to start with 50 – 75 e-scooters, with the option to scale up based on demand

When will e-scooters be available for use?  
This will be at the discretion of Bird Canada. It is anticipated they will be available once the snow melts and until early fall before the snow returns.  

Are helmets required? 
Helmets are strongly encouraged; however, it is not proposed they be mandatory at this time.  

Where will e-scooters be allowed?  
It is proposed that e-scooters be limited to operating on Leduc’s sidewalks, multiway, and local roads within neighbourhoods (collector and residential) that do not have line painting. For example, an e-scooter would be allowed on Corinthia Drive or Southfork Drive, but not on Black Gold Drive or 50th Street. 

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What will happen if an e-scooter is driven outside of the approved area?  
E-scooters will not operate outside of an approved area. It will shut down, and the app user will be charged continuously until it the e-scooter is returned and parked in the appropriate approved area.  

How fast do e-scooters go?  
In consultation with Bird Canada about safety, to start, an e-scooter’s maximum speed limit is 15 km/hr in all areas. With the success of the first year of the pilot complete, Council passed the motion to increase e-scooters to 20km/hr during the Dec. 12, 2022 Council meeting.

What safety measures would be in place for both e-scooter riders and pedestrians? 
All e-scooters are equipped with an audible bell (as is required for cyclists on paths), brakes, and automatic front and rear lights.  

What happens if an e-scooter is driven in an unsafe manner? What enforcement measures will be taken?  
Enforcement Services will conduct periodic monitoring as usual. The Parkland Bylaw states: “No person using a Multiway shall travel at a rate of speed that is unreasonable having regard to all circumstances, including but not limited to: (a) any conditions, including weather, that may affect visibility or one’s ability to stop; and (b) the volume and type of traffic on the Multiway.”  If an e-scooter is driven in contravention to the Parkland Bylaw, enforcement measures (e.g. fines) may be taken as outlined in the bylaw. 

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