Traffic Camera

50 Street and Black Gold Drive

The traffic camera at the 50th Street and Black Gold Drive intersection was installed to:

  • Provide statistics and analytics that aid in traffic management and planning 
  • Provide real-time alerts for operational issues and emergencies. 

As an added benefit, residents can view traffic along their planned commute ahead of time. 


This information collection is authorized under Section 33 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. The City does not store information from the cameras displayed here and makes no warranty as to the video quality or duration stored by third party vendors. It is stored by a third party vendor for up to one week and will only be disclosed to the RCMP at the request of the RCMP. This camera uses algorithms to provide the City with traffic counts, suggested timing optimization and alerts for traffic disruptions. The view provided is a public facing lens from that camera to be used to show live video of the intersection in question, for the use of the website visitor in real time.