Sewers Bylaw

The City of Leduc Sewers Bylaw No. 978-2018 regulates the City of Leduc’s wastewater and stormwater systems. This bylaw is informed by the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) Quailty of Wastewater Bylaw. The objectives are to:

  • Protect the sewer system from corrosion, other damage and obstruction.
  • Protect the wastewater treatment plant process from upset.
  • Protect the public, municipal workers and property from hazardous conditions (such as explosions).
  • Assist optimum wastewater system efficiency by preventing uncontaminated water from entering the system.
  • Protect wastewater sludge and biosolids quality.
  • Protect the environment from contaminants that are not removed by EPCOR’s Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Assist the ACRWC in maintaining compliance with the operating conditions established by the province of Alberta

The city strives to provide high quality, fiscally responsible sanitary sewer services by collecting all wastewater generated in the city’s service area in accordance with all local, provincial and federal laws:

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This information supplements the City of Leduc's Sewers Bylaw. 

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