Municipal Development Plan Update

The Municipal Development Plan was last updated in 2020 but constrained by the Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) regulations at the time. In 2022, the AVPA regulation was amended to enable sustainable growth and densification of the City of Leduc, making another update to the MDP an important next step for planning how the community will grow and develop. Proposed updates to the MDP are aimed at aligning with the AVPA changes to support future development in the revised contour areas. 

Why is this important? 

The MDP influences how residents interact with both built and natural environments on a day-to-day basis. This includes the roads they drive on, the businesses they shop in, and the development of the multiway as our city continues to expand. It defines policies and directs decisions on land use planning, community service priorities and infrastructure investment. The MDP updates help the City of Leduc to meet the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) mandated requirements for growth to ensure a thriving region for future generations. 

What are the changes? 

Updates to the MDP propose to: 

  • Remove references to the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) In 2022 the City of Leduc-Leduc County Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) was rescinded by both the City of Leduc and Leduc County. The propsed repeal allows the City to focus its resources on other major projects such the Urban Centre Development Plan. 
  • Update AVPA contours – In 2022 the AVPA amendment included updated noise exposure forecast (NEF) contours. All maps and figures depicted the previous contours within the MDP will be updated to reflect the revised contours. 
  • Redistrict for residential on the east side of Leduc south of Telford Lake Much of the southeast area, particularly in the East Telford Lake ASP, was once designated for employment or non-residential type uses, mostly due to the major constraints of the AVPA regulation. Without these constraints, it is important to reconsider what the highest and best use of these lands are. It is recommended that residential is the best option for the following reasons: 
  • There is an abundance of soft services available on the east side of the city that new residential development will have immediate access too. This includes the Leduc Recreational Centre, Lede Park, Alexandra Park, schools, as well as many established park spaces. Additionally, residential neighbourhoods in this area will have close access to Telford Lake and the boardwalk as well as Mainstreet and Downtown Leduc. 
  • There is a need for more neighbourhood services in the southeast, such as grocery stores and other retail services. Residential development, along with mixed-use developments, will attract more neighbourhood type services and amenities to the area with a greater population to support them.  
  • With a high growth rate in Leduc, residential lands are quickly being absorbed at a much faster rate than Leduc’s non-residential land base. There is an imminent need for residential lands as shorter-term non-residential land needs are met in other areas such as within the business parks, the Urban Centre, and areas which will soon be accessible via the 65 Avenue interchange at Highway 2 upon its completion. Further, non-residential, especially industrial, developments are much better located north of Telford Lake and on the West side of the city. This will also allow the city to support population growth within its current boundaries. 
  • Redistrict a blended residential and employment section along the southeast boundary for future consideration – With plans to construct a spine road along the east boundary of Leduc, along with the pre-existing landfill just east of this area, the far southeast portion of the amendment area will remain as mixed-use (e.g., residential and employment area). The details of the specific land use being a matter for future consideration where careful analysis into land use needs and appropriate buffers to major constraints (e.g., landfill and spine road) will be undertaken. 
  • Include mixed-use nodes – Urban Village Nodes – on the east side of Leduc to be more intensive residential uses with supportive commercial and amenities – With demand for higher density housing, more services, along with density targets mandated by the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (EMRB) there is an opportunity to consider where more intensive land uses will fit into the southeast area. To concentrate more intensive residential uses with supportive commercial uses and amenities, this recommended amendment will create Urban Village Nodes, which will direct future plans and studies to focus these uses on strategic places. These two nodes are strategically placed to ensure separation from the Urban Centre and placed centrally in the southeast area to ensure close access from all neighbourhoods in that area. The northern node is intentionally placed close to Telford Lake to ensure a larger population has immediate access to this amenity, with the second node located just to the south at an important intersection. 
  • Expanding future use possibilities for specific park space – The Leduc Lions Campground and RV Park is currently located in an identified park space in the centre of the amendment area. The amendment proposes to redesignate this area from park to residential land use, and if approved, could support future residential development in this area. Although there are no plans to relocate the campground at this time, the City will continue working with the Lions organization to understand current and anticipated infrastructure and operational needs to ensure that future plans accommodate the needs identified
Land Use Map

MDP Update sidebyside map.jpg

Who is affected? 

Property owners 

For owners who have property under the NEF contour areas, restrictions on residential development has been relaxed in many areas of the city. Affected areas now have the opportunity to intensify their property, like adding secondary suites, to encourage aging in place and other redevelopment opportunities.   

Developers and businesses 

Many restrictions on commercial and industrial development have been removed. This can help support opportunities for residential infill and densification in undeveloped areas. There will also be more opportunity for new businesses to open on the west side of the city and in the proposed Urban Village Nodes.  

Your feedback 

We asked for your feedback in May 2023, see what you had to say in the What We Heard Report. 

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